I am an emerging fiction writer living in Chicago. While I am a Luddite, I am using the forum because I love to meet new people, especially fellow artists, and learn new things.

Anyone interested in reading my published work can access it through the link under the My Web Site header on this blog. My short story "Life Goes on Without Me" recently won an honorable mention from Conclave: A Journal of Chracter's 2009 Fiction Contest. I am currently working on a novel, new short stories, and a creative non-fiction essay. My friend T.E. Russell has encouraged me to write a screenplay.

And as always, I am still submitting, submitting, submitting.

I look forward to meeting and reading from you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Meeting a Friend on a Snowy Walk

This afternoon Bill and I walked Teddy along the Riverwalk in our new neighborhood. As I was looking out at the waterfall, I hear Bill ask, "Isn't that Martin?"

Sure enough, it was Martin Perdoux, Eileen Favorite's husband, walking their dog Chloe. With the damp snow blowing into our eyes, we talked for a few minutes while our dogs played with each other in the accumulating snow. Martin then invited Bill and me over for brunch tomorrow.

The weather is terrible, but unexpectedly seeing a friend always warms the day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sleeping Difficulty

I hate it when I oversleep. Last night I had plans to wake up early, finish the Environmental Markets Newsletter, and then go about my day picking up much needed items for my new condo. However, I didn't fall alseep until 4 a.m. and didn't wake up until 11:30 a.m. today. My entire day was shot.

Bill tells me when I oversleep my body needs the sleep, but I think I might have some type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. I've always been an night owl, but in recent years I find myself struggling to fall asleep. I drink sleepy time tea, take warm baths, have been perscribed sleeping pills, but despite all t his I'm more awake at night than during the day. It's irritating. I have so much I want and need to do. Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, how do you deal with it?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After Dennis Kucinich dropped out the race, I chose to support Barack Obama; not because he is my U.S. Senator, or that he lives in my hometown of Chicago, or that he lives on the South side and is a White Sox fan, but because he is a candidate of truth, integrity, optimism, and inclusiveness. As of late, he has taken a beating in the press. However, I remain proud to call him my Presidential candidate and Senator. His beautiful and honest speech on race in America yesterday not only increased my pride but made me realize that my country may finally be maturing from its adolescence into adulthood.

Senator Obama's speech was not only powerful, remarkable, moving, and amazingly written but much needed in the United States, which has been divided for far, far too long.

Out of Chaos . . .

. . . and into a new life.

After months of searching, putting in bids, disappointments, and stress, my husband and I are now condo owners.

February was exciting, hell, and chaotic. My writing has taken a back seat, but I feel inspired by our new neighborhood and the much needed change in our life.

Teddy, our dog, enjoys the walks and parks, and I love it that our neighborhood is so diverse and dog friendly. While our place is still a mess, it is slowly coming along. I accidentally packed away both my writing notebooks, and it seems I have misplaced yet again. Nothing to keep me on my toes.